benny boy, what’s up, bitch?
you really wanna taste this dick?
when you two swapping spit
you’re gonna be licking my nut off her lips
benny boy, hear that shit?
your sis and i just made a flick
tied her down by the wrists
she is my slave, and i’m swinging the whip
benny boy, want some more?
come pick your teeth up off the floor
can’t escape, can’t ignore
can’t run away from me, i’m at your door
benny boy, you been warned
don’t make me send you to the lord
fucked you up, bruised and sore
just like the pussy you begging to score

you wanna be lestat, but all you do is dress in drag
the hairs up on your neck stand when you staring down my gat
you're a pasty, cracker, sister-fucker, that’s a fucking fact
a cuck like you would love to watch me hit her from the back

sup, bitch
not very much on you has been said
so tell me how you fucking bitches that still wetting the bed?
get this, i’ll put the fucking glock to your head
unload a couple thousand rounds until your bitch ass is dead

look at me now

what up, benny boy?
i said
what up, benny boy?
kill yourself

what's up Benny Love, you punk ass bitch. remember me? a couple years back you made my life a living hell. that shit was so fucking tiresome. you chose to hurt someone i loved dearly. you manipulated them. groomed them. fed them false ideas. i know you were ultimately trying to fuck, but all this other shit was so extra, lol. it's not like you ended up getting any in the end anyway. what a waste of fucking time, right? because every time you were in her dm's i was balls deep in that bitch. you're lucky to still be breathing after the shit you pulled. unfortunately, it wasn't my choice to spare you. regardless, i still had to make an example out of you. can't let you fuckers think i'm not going to get my revenge one way or another. don't fucking test me. don't fucking cross me. i guess you could say this is a cautionary tale or warning of sorts. but next time one of you fuckers tries me, there won't be a warning.