i don’t give a fuck if it’s wrong or not
this shit is second nature, there’s no afterthought
i’ll unload the fucking glock 'til the chamber's hot
it’s just the way that i am, this shit cannot be taught

i’m about to pull up
put them guns up
i’m always talking that shit so what’s up
i’m here now, bitch, i don’t just front
you pussy boys got me fucked up
i’m gonna drop top
let the gun pop
watching bodies flop
watch these mother fuckers dance like hopscotch
i’m dropping hoes, death exposed, lock, reload, motherfucker
and imma do it all again

i don’t really need a reason to kill
i just enjoy to watch the blood spill
it makes my dick hard and gives me a thrill
watch the bodies pile into a landfill
my job is done so gimme the bill
cut the bullshit, this ain't no fucking drill
when it comes to me, you know what’s the deal
i ain’t no bitch, you know i’m forreal

came up in this bitch
watch 'em scatter
they be like "oh no!"
fuckin' wit me
it's an action flick
send your soul to meet the ozone
since the womb, i have been sick
my flow dope as oxycodone
since the womb, you been a bitch
that shit might be hard to swallow

young nigga wit a temper
i might switch up like a 6 speed
hash been on a killstreak
pray for bloodshed on my enemies
tommy dreamer in a tlc
every man for himself, so i'm preying on these fake emcees
pc punks, they gon' suffer slow, i want all the beef

all hate
no love
your face
i’ll fuck

no glove
more blood
your pain
my lust

you get me high

do you have intrusive thoughts? that's a stupid question. i know you do. we all do. some of the shit we're capable of just passively contemplating is pretty fucking crazy, huh? when you really think about it, there's not much that separates the average person from the common criminal. even a murderer. "if i could get away with killing so-and-so..." and all you'd have to do is just...do it. the problem, though, is that you'd probably like it. in fact, you'd probably like it so much you wouldn't stop there. imagine wielding the power to just...remove people you dislike. now consider this: you already have that power. the satisfaction of watching the life leave their eyes and knowing you held their soul in your hands the entire time. shoving steel into your worst enemies' guts as they drain away. don't worry, i won't let you die a virgin lol! i am your god, even if only for a few hours, minutes, or seconds. i hear your last words. i taste your last breath. i am your last sight. it's just a fetish! don't kinkshame me!!!