you tore the innocence off of my face
killing me slowly, pick up the pace
i'll skin you like i'm fucking leatherface
afraid of me, hoe? i'll give you a taste
always beat me to the fucking ground
tore my pants down, told me not to make a sound
so i pulled both of my eyes out
guess i'm cured now, all you needed was my mouth

after all these years of you
i've been dreaming of the things i'd do
lie you down, tie you down
look at who's crying now
it's my turn to fuck you, too

placing your mouth to the curb
don't say a word
shut up, bitch, don't make it worse
ride in the back of my hearse
i'll put you 6 feet underneath in the dirt
your presence was always a curse
but now it's your turn
to feel mine inside 'til it hurts
stabbing your guts when i burst
birth in reverse
spilling my heart on your shirt

i love you so fucking much
especially when you're bending over your blood

it's been a while but i still think about you all the time. i can still taste you on my tongue and feel your flesh against mine. i haven't been the same since i met you, since i felt you. i guess i'm hung up. you know i have a hard time letting go. is this love? i'm pretty sure it is. love...hurts. love is...painful. but it's okay. ilu2! ♥ i can't wait to reciprocate your feelings and show you how much i love you. your arms tied down under mine. your skin under my nails. your hair in my hand. your blood on my sheets. i love you so much! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥